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Monday, April 16, 2018

end of show

     This years Big Art Show was a rousing success. I am happy that it was, and I am happy that it is over.
     The older (more experienced) I get, the more I like to see a plan come together. I enjoy the plan, the communication it takes, recognizing the skills that the various people bring to the larger group, knowing that people are pleased with the contributions they are making, dealing with the unexpected, working with the crowds. I like to see the loose ends come together and for the process to go as smoothly as possible. I also like being a part of history, or the continuum, of a 36 year old community project.
     Sales were a little sluggish at first, but yesterday's sales brought the total of art sold to around 40K. After the artists who sold receive their 70%, and the rent of the facility and all other expenses are paid, the club's portion will go into the kitty for scholarships and a few other nice things. I like that all of that is done. It is encouraging for artists to know people appreciate their work and for the USO to earn their rent. This morning I have received lots of good feedback about the show.
     After nine days involved mostly with one thing but with many people, I am wandering lost around the house. What to do first! Time to regroup and refocus.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

the big weekend

This is the weekend of the Azalea Festival. I have happy memories of this special time, and though it is not what it used to be, fun things are sill going on. I think one of them is our big art show. We extended it to nine days this year and added a raffle. Amid a festive event, the drawing was last night, and there were two happy winners. I enjoyed being part of it. I am going to have to watch this morning's parade on television later, but I hope lots of people will be lining the streets and catching the excitement of the marching bands, the waving beauties, and the decorated floats. There are tours of homes and gardens, concerts in various venues, and the azaleas are in bloom. There will be many places for picture taking, just like in the old days.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Today the weather was cool and the sky stayed a dull gray. I wondered if the sky would get pretty at sunset. It did. As the sun was dropping below the horizon, another evening show of glowing colors was displayed. The sunsets here are always beautiful.